Beyond the Portfolio: How Design Recruitment Agencies See the Bigger Picture


Introduction: More Than Just Aesthetics

In the world of design, the portfolio reigns supreme. It is, undeniably, the visual testament of a designer’s capabilities, showing their prowess, creativity, and proficiency. But is that all there is to a designer? 

Design recruitment agencies have long recognized that while the portfolio plays an integral role, it’s just a slice of the pie. In fact, to truly understand a designer’s potential and match them with the right company, one must delve deeper, going beyond aesthetics.

Enter Talhive, a preeminent design recruitment agency with a pan-India presence. Their expertise isn’t just in recognizing good design but understanding the intricate weave of skills, experiences, and culture-fit required to thrive in startups and established businesses alike.

Why Go Beyond the Portfolio?

It’s simple: a designer isn’t merely an artist but a problem solver, a communicator, and an innovator. To recognize all these traits, you need to look beyond their work.

Factors That Matter Beyond the Portfolio

While a portfolio showcases skill, other factors are just as critical in the recruitment process:

  • Soft Skills and Personality Fit: Not every designer is a perfect fit for every company. Interpersonal skills, adaptability, and a knack for teamwork can sometimes weigh more than the finest designs.
  • Experience in Varied Design Disciplines: From UI/UX to print media, a diverse experience can indicate a designer’s adaptability and vast skill set.
  • Understanding of a Startup or Business’s Goals: A designer who can internalize a company’s mission can create designs that resonate more deeply with the company’s audience.

Talhive: A Holistic Approach to Design Recruitment

Talhive’s approach to recruitment is thorough and comprehensive. They don’t merely flip through a portfolio; they engage, understand, and evaluate. 

By considering soft skills, design versatility, and alignment with business objectives, Talhive ensures they find candidates who don’t just fit a role but elevate it.

Success Tales: Startups and Talhive's Collaborative Triumphs

Over the years, Talhive has built lasting partnerships, earning commendations from numerous clients:


Design recruitment isn’t just about identifying the best portfolio; it’s about recognizing the best designer for a specific role, company, and mission. Talhive’s track record stands as a testament to the efficacy of this comprehensive approach.

Key Takeaways

  • A portfolio is crucial, but not the sole determinant in design recruitment.
  • Soft skills, diverse experience, and alignment with business goals are vital.
  • Talhive’s holistic approach ensures the right fit for both designers and businesses.


A designer’s ability to mesh well with a team, communicate effectively, and understand a company’s ethos can greatly impact the success of design projects.

No, Talhive caters to businesses of all sizes, ensuring each finds the right design talent for their unique needs.

Crucial. A designer’s understanding of a company’s mission ensures designs resonate better with the target audience.

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