Avaana Case Study

Accelerating Avaana

Up and onwards to prioritising wellness in the Australian ecosystem

Avaana Case Study

Rohan Pardasani

 CEO, Avaana

"Talhive has been instrumental in helping us build a stronger internal team at Avaana. With their expertise in recruiting top tech and marketing talent, they have successfully placed our Head of Marketing and several other key positions. Their efforts have allowed us to move away from outsourcing and scale our team internally, ultimately driving our growth as a company. Thank you, Talhive!”



The Story

Avaana is Australia’s most dynamic appointment booking platform for health, fitness & well-being! It is an all-in-one platform, so one can easily book, in real-time, with an expert practitioner, therapist or trainer nearby.
The CEO reached out to us on LinkedIn, wanting to hire Marketeers & Engineers in India remotely while their entire team was based in Australia.

The Challenge

Lesser Known Brand Presence

Though well-known in Australia, Avaana wasn’t known in India. They wanted to hire candidates with early-stage experience in scaling a startup.

Outsourced Team

Without an existing Tech & Marketing team, the company outsourced its technology functions. As a result, candidates were concerned about their work-life balance, prospects, and company roadmap.

Talent <> Culture match

Avaana was hiring in India for the first time, and their expectations towards work & company culture were one of the critical shortlisting criteria for candidates

Talhive’s Solution

Talhive worked on a 3-month retainer and assigned the recruitment project to 2 headhunters with specialized hiring experience in Technology, Marketing, and international talent acquisition management.

Here’s Talhive’s approach in brief :

Market mapping to understand and reach the talent available in India with the required skill. The remote work model was relatively new in India in 2018. We had to benchmark compensation to identify the best market rate for the requisitions.

To ensure the interview process is speedy and streamlined, we conducted video introductory & assignment preparation calls.

Our 8-step process ensured that from the first search kickoff call to our post-hire check-ins, we solved every challenge of our candidates, making their interview process simple and their onboarding easier

Added team Avaana to Talhive’s Slack as a quick mode of communication and information exchange to cut the email trail chase and subsequent follow-ups. This helped communication to be transparent and faster, especially when the client has a different time zone and geography.

The Outcome

We hired their Head of Marketing and placed top Technology candidates in Avaana. This resulted in them building a more extensive internal team, moving away from outsourcing and scaling internally. This created a long-term relationship with the client, opening doors for us in the Australian market. Avaana keeps referring Talhive to businesses in Australia and keeps coming back for hiring across its product team.

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