Proximity Case Study

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Scaling a bootstrapped startup amidst the first wave of Shark Tank India

Proximity Case Study


Proximity Works

The Story

Proximity is a global team of coders, designers, product managers, geeks, and experts. They solve complex problems and build cutting-edge tech at scale. They specialise in tackling performance, UX and scalability challenges for growth-stage & enterprise companies.

Working alongside multiple recruitment agencies, they faced a number of challenges. Proximity had an urgent requirement to scale up its tech team and needed an agency that could free up HR and hiring managers’ time and promote the brand to the candidate community.

The Challenge

Time To Hire

There were inconsistent recruitment processes that led to candidates in the interview funnel for more than a month

Quality of candidates

The Candidates presented to Proximity were not of the right calibre

Product<>Service Play

Proximity is a service company that has few internal enabling products. This is something that offputting to many product-experienced candidates.

The Solution

Talhive suggested a 4-month retainer to close on multiple Tech and Design roles across Proximity. The project was assigned to 4 recruiters, each specialising in their talent pool curation.

Employed our comprehensive knowledge of the market and its operation to choose the most qualified applicants. It included a premium feature of Tech evaluation with a score to further screen the shortlist.

Induced process improvement to the Proximity Team to improve candidate
engagement and correspondingly reduce dropouts. Started a tracker that mentions
a candidate’s timeline to minimise the Interview TAT from shared to date.

Created a strong brand impression of Proximity while engaging with candidates from the product and startup environment, which made them inclined to interview.

To ensure timely check-ins, Talhive set up weekly status meetings, bi-weekly candidate NPS & monthly recruitment reports. After month 1, we identified the gaps and started working toward them.

The Outcome

Talhive successfully placed over 9 candidates across the Android, iOS, Design, and Frontend Teams.

It reduced the TAT in the interview process from 1 month to 14 days. This was achieved by timely candidate NPS and interview feedback on the bi-weekly

With this success, Proximity extended the retainer to a further 4 months. Talhive received brand new and exclusive engineering projects with 7 new roles.

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