SAVii Case Study

Finding Data Savvy for SAVii

Accelerating growth for a Philippines Fintech Company

Savii Case Study

Mary Katherine Parra

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, Savii

Talhiveā€™s insights and expertise have enabled us to hire and retain top talent while staying competitive in the industry. Talhiveā€™s commitment to excellence and quality has been remarkable, and we highly recommend their services to any organization seeking to build a strong workforce. Thank you, Talhive, for being an invaluable partner in our success!



The Story

SAVii is a Philippines-based Fintech lending company that empowers HR leaders with 360-degree salary-linked wellness services. SAVii evolved during the pandemic by providing financial empowerment to over 400,000 employees in the Philippines, becoming the category leader.

As SAVii expanded, they wanted to hire remotely for mid-senior level Data Engineering and Product Management roles and were looking for an Executive search firm that could help them.

Our Singapore network referred SAVii to us, and we worked on a 4-month retainer to help SAVii hire exceptional Product Managers and Data Engineers.



SAVii had a distributed team across the Philippines, Singapore & India. The decision-making had to come through all these three geographies

Slow Turn-Around-Time

The slow-paced communication resulted in several talents
dropouts and unhappy candidate experiences.

Talent Availability

Their FinTech and Data-driven niche ask made their requisitions hard-to-fill positions.

Talhiveā€™s Solution

Talhive assigned the recruitment project to 3 headhunters with specialised hiring experience in
Data, Product management and international talent acquisition management.
We then began streamlining the communication, interviewing and offer closing process.
Hereā€™s Talhiveā€™s approach in brief :

Added team SAVii to Talhiveā€™s Slack as a quick mode of communication and information exchange to cut the email trail chase and subsequent follow-ups

Helped SAVii transition to Lever ATS, which made a transparent and faster interview flow.

A weekly 20-minute meeting gave insights on performance and gaps, and a bi-weekly Candidate NPS score helped better the interview process. They scored 100% on NPS, which speaks volumes of their employee experience-driven culture.

Our 3way flow methodology improved SAViis top of the funnel with the Fintech Niche candidates pipeline.

The Outcome

Ā Successfully hired 4 Product Managers and Data Engineers before our contract tenure.

Provided a sound understanding and compensation benchmarking of the Indian market, which helped scale their Human Resource planning further.

SAVii started exclusively working with us on multiple roles across Human Resources and Finance.

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