• Som Nautiyal

The Curious Case Of Missing Talent

During the past 6 years of our experience in providing expertise to growing unicorns and early age startups in India. We, at Talhive, have understood what it takes for companies to hire top talents. Recruitment of highly efficient candidates is one of the major concerns for companies in India. No doubt that the best talents have ample opportunities on their table, making it an employer’s fight to get the best not the other way round.

Now that the industries are growing in leaps and bounds after its long slowdown, 28% of employers are still using their age-old methods to recruit. There is no double thought to the fact that the selection process in India is really time-consuming and lengthy, 5-6 long steps when the result isn’t outstanding. The question then arises, what is to be done to make it simpler yet effective. We at Talhive insure with the risk of hiring. Being a startup the most important element remains time, and hiring consuming most of your time is not an option at all. Employers these days just can’t afford to lose the best talents to other companies and this is what happens these days.

If you are a startup, you too probably are fighting for top talents with big corporate organizations. Recruitment consultant firms have now brought about easy hiring solutions in no time. Companies now want their HRs to focus on things that are more important internally and now most of these prefer getting top talents from recruitment firms. This not only grants ample time to startups but also helps them create an efficient team and scale your company.

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