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Whether you are an ERP, a product company or a start-up that wants to find the perfect talent for adding value to your company, Talhive has a comprehensive executive recruiting solution for you. Talhive draws from the strong database to get valuable insights and provide talent solutions to companies. We have a straightforward and robust process in place to deliver great results. Our clients’ interest comes foremost to us. So far, we have been able to deliver our services to close to 100 global clients and successfully completed over 400 projects.At Talhive, we have specialists for each job role who can understand your business needs and the exact job for which you require the candidate. By dint of our extensive process, we make sure that you find the most suitable candidate for the job.

Through our services, we cater to the demand of organisations that require professionals in niche segments where specialised functions are needed.
Following are our recruitment solutions:

TAL EDGE - Technology Hiring:
Drawing from the curated talent pool, we identify candidates with the right skill sets to match the job role. Whether you require Frontend Engineers, Backend Engineers, Full stack Developers, Data/ML Engineers, Product/UX designer, or have Product Hiring needs, we take care of all your technology hiring requirements.

TAX EXEC - Executive Hiring: We provide Senior/CXO/Board executive recruitment solutions. They are the ones who understand the organisation’s strategic decisions and deliver on objectives. With our strong database and efficient process, we try to identify the best talent for your organisation, and we maintain the time to hire as per the industry standard. The executive recruitment can be for designations such as Head of Technology, Head of Marketing, Head of Finance, Revenue Head, Business Head, Product Head.

TAL HIRE - Revenue Talent: Hiring for revenue verticals of a company. The focus is on recruiting talents in the domain of Digital Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Finance and Accounts, Human Resources, Brand and Strategy.

TAL REM - Remote Recruiter: Work can be done from anywhere as long as one has a laptop, good internet speed, and power backup. It took the pandemic for people to realize that remote work can be as productive (if not more productive) as work from the office. Talhive connects remote talents to top tech companies. 

Talhive is reinventing how companies scale by providing a holistic human capital solution that supports the entire employee lifecycle.

We follow a 9-step process for hiring suitable candidates:
Talhive and candidate introduction
: We have an introduction with the potential candidate, and do intensive research and analysis of the candidate. 
Sharing resume
: The resume of the candidate is shared with the employer with a detailed synopsis.
Interview: The candidate gives the interview on the scheduled date and time.
Candidate debriefing and feedback: The candidate is told about the outcome of the interview and feedback is given.
Offer: If the candidate gets selected, an offer is rolled out by the company.
Offer Acceptance and Resignation Email: The candidate accepts the offer and sends a resignation email to the present employer.
Snapshot of the offer sent to Talhive:  A snapshot of the candidate’s offer letter is sent to Talhive by the company.
Candidate onboarding: Once all the formalities are done, the candidate is welcomed on board by the company.
NPS about Talhive and interview process: This is a measure of satisfaction and feedback of the interview process which can help Talhive in providing better services.Through a comprehensive process of selecting high-quality candidates, Talhive helps companies find the right talent that matches the organisational objectives. Therefore, if you are looking for a platform that can help you with product hiring, technology hiring, executive hiring, and other suitable resources to provide you with a good return on investment, Talhive is up for the task.