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There is more to hiring than just recruitment.
We build incredible high-growth teams that accelerates your business.

We scale tech companies across revenue, executive and technology roles. Our work with top employers and leading institutional investors; redefines how companies scale their revenue and engineering teams.

Founded in Pune, India distributed across India; Talhive is the best place to hire hard to find top talent.

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We started in 2016 as a small team of passionate recruiters.

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Fuelled by a desire to streamline hiring, Som and Pratik founded Talhive in 2016 in Pune. Having worked at product companies and with various consultants in India, they found that there was a lack of structure and a lack of a process within these companies. Cutting through the disorganised process of recruitment seemed to be a challenge for these companies. But there had to be a solution as well...

The founders of Talhive, who consider themselves project managers first and recruiter afterwards, are obsessed with the process. Everything at Talhive is very structured, and there is a process that is followed, which is all done to streamline hiring, as evident from the company’s straightforward tagline: “Our North Star – Hiring Streamlined”. Creating processes and structures may seem to be a mundane thing and quite a time- consuming activity, but it is the well-defined processes and structures which eventually bring in excellent results, which goes on to show how, within a short span of time, Talhive has gained huge traction, and is now a rapidly growing human capital management firm that provides innovative talent solutions both to national and multinational companies in India and the across the globe.

Talhive's team now works globally supporting scalable companies in their hiring needs.

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We have core values over the type of work we produce.

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The team members at Talhive have directly worked in product companies and start-ups in the past. This gives them business insights and a competitive advantage over most of the others. The vast knowledge, experience and expertise of the team at Talhive bring a breath of fresh air to the whole aspect of human capital management.
By employing a scientific approach and with a solid system in place, Talhive gains an accurate and deep understanding of the capabilities of potential candidates who can prove to be real assets and deliver high return on investment for organisations.
With a unique approach to matching the right talent for the right job, and being a reliable bridge between an employer and an employee, Talhive has been successful in completing over 400 projects, serving almost 100 global clients, curating a strong database of 60,000 professionals with a track record of 93% NPS. Talhive aims to become one of the go-to companies in India and across the globe.
The team at Talhive understands the dynamics of the start-up industry, the DNA of a product company and what goes into building and scaling a company.  With strong work ethics and core values, the team at Talhive strives to provide the best results with the work they do. With structured processes, they aim to clear the muddle surrounding the staffing ecosystem. Employing the latest technologies, they ensure to provide a seamless experience and a channel for smooth feedback.

Talhive focuses on finding talents in the following domains:
Technology Hiring:
This includes candidates like Frontend Engineers, Backend Engineers, Full
Stack Developers, Product Managers, Data/ML Engineers, Product/UX Designers.
Executive Hiring: Focused on senior-level executives like Head of Technology, Head of
Marketing, Head of Finance, Revenue Head, Business Head, Product Head.
Revenue Talent: Digital Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Finance and Accounts, Human
Resources, Brand and Strategy.
Remote Recruiter: Connecting remote talents to top tech companies, Talhive makes the best use of technology to source and identify talents regardless of where such talents are.

With an extensive process to find quality candidates, Talhive helps organisations get the right talent to match the profile.