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Our Story

Founded in Pune, India; Talhive is the
best place to hire hard to find top talent. 

With over 6 years of experience in
hiring for start-up and corporate
environments; we find talent whose
hard skills not only match the
position but whose personality
fits your culture environment as well.

Our Vision

There is more to hiring than just recruitment. We love building incredible and cohesive

high-growth teams that accelerate your business.

Our mission is to create a hiring process
that is transparent, fast and produces
amazing results. 

Our Work

We have shaped and have been instrumental in building many high growth teams across the product companies Globally and in India.

Our core strength is Technology hiring. 
Our recruitment Services of Executive Search and Curated Cv's as Product are crafted, customised and designed for every new Hiring project.



How we work


We specialize in sector agnostic custom search
services for our clients and help them address
their needs of CXOs and Senior Management professionals within their business.

These search services are highly specialized and
are done on a retainer basis with a contingent fee
on closure.


Our "Curated Search Resume as a Product" gives the scope to evaluate a wide array of talent. The Resume
as a Product comes with a detailed candidate persona and many data points.

Available on a subscription basis, it comes along with a subscription fee and a basic fixed closure fee.

Prashant Shivankutty - CTO Payback
Hard to find consultants with such in-depth understanding of industry vertical, people needs and aspirations.

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