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Talhive is reinventing how companies scale by providing a holistic human capital solution that supports the entire employee lifecycle. We work with over 59  employers globally and leading investors, redefining how companies grow their product and engineering teams.

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From the first search kickoff call to our post-hire check ins, Talhive serves as a long-term partner for all of your talent needs.

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We believe a fulfilling career requires a balance of purpose, financial earnings, and meaningful relationships. At Talhive we help professionals build better careers around all three. Our Talent Consultants help guide you with your long term career aspirations while helping put your best foot forward.

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In my  interactions with Talhive, I found they establish a thorough understanding of one's requirements and effectively find the right profile match. Their recruiters go out of their way to add value to the organisation and build a lasting relationship.

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Lakshmi Potluri
CEO - DCF Ventures
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“True Experts in Technology Hiring”

We recommend Talhive as a company because they quickly understand the culture of a business unlike other. What makes Talhive different is their unique approach and understanding of the Digital & Tech market. They really   deliver in their promise"

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Sanam Rawal
Advisor at Passion Connect
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“A Great hiring experience”

Talhive has few of the most knowledgeable and entrepreneurial recruiters.  They research thoroughly about the product, company and job profile as well as the key team members before contacting a candidate . It is super easy to work with them with their seamless communication.

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Anirban Das
Product Head at Dunzo
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The best companies are always looking for the best talent; the best talents are always looking for the best companies. If they find each other, that’s going to be a match made in heaven! The problem, however, is that one is not sure where the other is. The system and tools that one utilizes to assess the other may not be keeping pace with the way things are evolving. This is why one cannot say for certain that the other is a perfect match. This is where Talhive steps in. As one of the top recruiting companies in India, Talhive makes it easy for the best to find the best. It takes two to tango, and Talhive provides that platform where a job seeker can find a company worth his/her salt, and the company can find an employee who means business. Together they can pave the way for success and while doing so, have great fun together. 

If you are a professional who wants to build a better career that provides you with a chance to enhance your skills and ensure growth, while also offering personal satisfaction, explore the jobs at Talhive where you will find some of the top product and start-up companies which have their headquarters in America and the UK, and who are really good at what they do. Talhive has experts for each job. For instance, for all tech recruitment, you will find a skilled tech recruiter who understands your passion and professional aspiration and is eager to find you the company that best suits your career. Talking about career, Talhive hires for different roles across mid and senior-level for start-ups and product companies. You can be a part of the incredibly talented and growing teams.

At Talhive you can find the best job postings on the following careers: 
You will find a wide variety of design jobs that will help you combine creativity and technology. 
Product: Explore the product roles which will enable you to bring new experiences for people through innovative and useful products.
Technology: As one of the proficient tech recruiting companies, Talhive gives you a window of opportunity to land your dream job at the leading tech companies located in places like Silicon Valley in the United States. 
Marketing: Give the marketer in you a better platform to showcase your talent. Let them hear ‘loud and clear that you have a message.Revenue: Play a big part in the revenue generation process of a company and achieve your professional goals.
HR and Finance: You will find some of the best positions in HR and Finance verticals which will enable you to have an upper hand in the activities of the organisation.

Start-ups and product companies are brewing with new ideas, new products, and they require the best minds for achieving their objectives. However, it takes a long time for a startup to find the perfect fit for a position. In such a situation, startup recruitment consultants are the people to turn to. Talhive is one such startup recruitment consultant that makes use of its expertise to help start-ups with their tech, design and product hiring needs. 

The team at Talhive had earlier gained experience working at start-ups and product companies. Thus, the team understands the dynamics of the start-up industry, the DNA of a product company and what goes into building and scaling a company. By gauging the exact requirement of an organisation, and through a seamless hiring process, the team finds quality candidates who bring good results for these companies. To date, Talhive has successfully completed more than 400 projects, fulfilled the recruitment needs of nearly 100 companies around the world, and established a reliable database of 60,000 professionals with an NPS of 93%. 

Talhive meets the demand of organisations that require professionals in niche segments where specialised functions are needed. 
As a tech recruitment specialist, Talhive connects you to the most talented techies. So, if you are a technology company that needs tech recruitment services to find bright minds to join your company and help achieve the set goals, then as one of the accomplished tech recruiting companies, Talhive is in a position to do the needful for you.

It is quite clear that leadership level talents play a crucial role in the growth story of the company. Talhive understands your business needs and offers the best executive recruitment solutions. Besides, Talhive also offers hiring solutions for the revenue verticals of organisations.

For smooth remote work, Talhive helps to set up technology and remote teams for companies based in India, USA, and the UK. With that in perspective, presently Talhive is implementing talent solutions for American companies who are setting up their remote technology teams in India. 
With transparent process and agile methodology, Talhive finds the best product designers, product managers, software engineers and such other quality talents who understand the strategic decisions of the organisation and direct their energies in realising the organisation’s goals.