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Samanyou Garg

Samanyou Garg

CEO – Writesonic

"Talhive is a wonderful agency that handled the hiring of our junior and senior-level engineers for our organization flawlessly. They were responsive, respectful, and diligent throughout the process and helped us find the perfect candidates in a brief timeframe. "



The Story

Writesonic.ai is a rapidly growing product company offering businesses an AI-powered writing assistant. As their product offerings expanded, they needed to fill several key positions across their tech, marketing & product teams.

The Challenge

As a scaling startup in a competitive industry, Writesonic.ai faced several challenges in finding the right candidates for their team:

Top 1% of Talent

Writesonic.ai needed top talent from Tier 1 colleges with strong product backgrounds to stay ahead of the competition. They were looking for candidates exclusively from the SaaS industry, which made the search for qualified candidates even more challenging.

Difficult Interview Process

With limited resources and a busy schedule, Writesonic.ai needed to streamline its hiring process and quickly identify the right candidates. This included finding a way to efficiently schedule interviews and ensure timely candidate feedback and follow-up.

Culture fit

Finding candidates with ownership was difficult due to the market slowdown and the perception that startup jobs required long working hours. Furthermore, experienced candidates required time for their families and were not comfortable working six days a week.

Talhive’s Solution

To address these challenges, Writesonic.ai partnered with Talhive on a retained search for 6 months to help them hire faster and more efficiently. Here’s how we helped:

Using a combination of automated screening tools and in-depth candidate assessments, we quickly narrowed down the talent pool and ensured that Writesonic.ai was only interviewing the top qualified candidates from Tier 1 colleges with strong product backgrounds and exclusively from the SaaS industry.

We coordinated with Writesonic.ai’s leadership team to ensure that the interview scheduling was streamlined and efficient, taking into consideration the candidates’ availability and preferences.
We also ensured timely feedback and follow-up for candidates, providing a positive candidate experience.

To find candidates with ownership, we implemented a thorough screening process that included identifying candidates with a growth mindset, a passion for the industry, and a willingness to take ownership of their work. We also ensured that the candidates were comfortable with the
company’s work culture and expectations before they were presented to Writesonic.ai.

The Outcome

We successfully filled their Product Analyst position in just 20 days, with a 2:1 interview-to-hire ratio. Our efforts resulted in a Head of Engineering being recruited within 3 months, responsible for defining the technology vision and leading the tech team’s growth.

The streamlined hiring process helped save time and resources, allowing Writesonic.ai to focus on its core business operations. Our retained partnership with Writesonic.ai continues now been for more than 6 months, and we have closed on multiple projects in Tech, Product & Marketing

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