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3K+ Successful Placements

Talhive has completed more than 1200 projects, fulfilled the recruitment needs of nearly 300 companies worldwide, and established a reliable database of 20,000 professionals with an NPS of 97%.

Types Of Hiring Solutions We Offer

Whether you are an ERP, a product company or a start-up that wants to find the perfect talent for adding value to your company, Talhive has a comprehensive executive recruiting solution for you which makes Talhive The Best Recruitment Platform For Employers.

Technology Hiring

Technology Hiring

Curated Talent Pool

Diversity Search


Product & Design Hiring

Product & Design Hiring

We provide Senior/CXO/Board executive recruitment solutions for designations such as Head of Technology, Head of Marketing, Head of Finance, Revenue Head, Business Head, and Product Head.

Search, Selection & Management

Industry Lead Time to Hire

Board Level Search

Revenue Hiring

Marketing & Revenue

We to provide Senior/CXO/Board executive recruitment solutions for designations such as Head of Technology, Head of Marketing, Head of Finance, Revenue Head, Business Head, and Product Head.

Search, Selection & Management

Industry Lead Time to Hire

Board Level Search

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Building a Global Network

Discover endless growth opportunities by joining our network of one of the fastest-growing Startup hiring companies in the world.

Talhive’s Hiring Approach

3 way flow to deliver projects of every scale

We have a straightforward and robust process in place to deliver great results. Our clients’ success comes foremost to us.

1. High Quality Talent

Curate Network
Quality Talent
High Performing Revenue

2. Efficient Recruiting

Structured Hiring
Agile Methodology
Hiring Goals
Industry Lead Time to Hire

3. Best in Class Service

Best Hiring Experience
NPS Metrics
Holistic Candidate Experience

Join the Talhive Community

States Served

Discover endless growth opportunities by joining our network of one of the fastest-growing Startup hiring companies.

Case Studies

Discover how we helped these Product Companies grow by building and scaling their Tech, Design, Product, Marketing & Revenue Teams.

Simple & Streamlined robust process

From the first search kickoff call to our post-hire check-ins, Talhive serves as a long-term partner for all of your talent needs.

Hiring Project Intake & Research

Present Diagnostic Findings

Calibrated Profile with Data Points

Talent Sourcing & Vetting

Candidate Interviews

Offer Process

Onboarding Plan

Timely Candidate Check-In

Client Testimonials

Over the last decade, we have helped over 100+ creative brands find passionate talents that have enabled them to boost & scale their productivity and business growth.

Automate, Enhance & Scale your Growth

Talhive has completed more than 800 projects, fulfilled the recruitment needs of nearly 200 companies worldwide, and established a reliable database of 10,000 professionals with an NPS of 92%.

Frequent Asked Questions

How long is the recruiting process ?

70% of recruiting mandates are completed within five weeks. 93% of hiring projects are completed within eight weeks.

What is Talhive’s hiring model?

We work on a Dedicated Consultant model where you pay a fixed monthly retainer fee. A specialist consultant will be assigned along with a project manager for your hiring project. We follow 360 degrees recruitment methodology encompassing search, selection, ref check and retaining.

What are your fees?

Every project and requirement is different. We charge a monthly fixed retainer and a variable success fee.

Our fees are based upon the time it will take us to complete the search rather than a universal percentage.

Do you hire for anything apart from Technology roles?

We specialize in hiring Software Developers, Product Managers and Product Designers; we also hire for functions that overlap within a Product company. Marketing, HR, Finance and Operations, we do it all.

What does Talhive do differently?

Team Talhive is a team of project management certified recruiters who understands the essence of building a company faster with efficiency. We incorporate the latest technology and practices in recruitment to ace our projects. From our detailed selection questions to our Competency-based Assessment and Tech interviews, we onboard the best-curated candidates from our database of thousands.

Talhive: Helping Businesses Acquire the Best Talent

Talhive: Helping Businesses Acquire the Best Talent

Welcome to Talhive, the unparalleled epicenter of innovative tech recruitment solutions. Here, businesses spanning from startups to multinational corporations discover their perfect human capital match, fueling growth, innovation, and success.

Who We Are

We’re more than just another tech recruitment agency. Consider us your strategic partners, your allies in the intricate and often challenging landscape of talent acquisition. Beyond our undeniable prowess in tech recruitment, we venture into the realms of product, design, marketing, and sales recruitment. The pulse of the tech industry beats within our team, giving us the advantage and acumen to bridge outstanding talent with visionary organizations.

Benefits of Partnering with Talhive

  • Tailored Solutions: We curate recruitment strategies to echo your company’s unique ethos and requirements.
  • Time & Cost Efficiency: Through streamlined processes, we significantly cut down your hiring timeline and costs.
  • Global Network: Access a vast global reservoir of top-tier talent.
  • Industry Expertise: We don’t just recruit; we understand the tech industry’s nuances, ensuring you get the best fit every time.

Our Suite of Services

Understanding that each company’s recruitment needs are as unique as its culture, we have meticulously crafted a suite of services that address every facet of talent acquisition. Sourcing and Screening Diving into the profound depths of our expansive talent network, we meticulously cherry-pick candidates that resonate with your company’s ethos and objectives. Our stringent screening regimen ensures that only the crème de la crème progresses to the interview stage. Conducting Interviews With an arsenal of seasoned recruiters, we oversee the holistic interviewing process. Their proficiency ensures a streamlined, effective, and bias-free selection, alleviating the hiring burden and conserving your precious organizational time. Making Job Offers Finding the right fit is a euphoric moment, and we make it count. Our team manages the formalities, extending job offers that are attractive and in line with industry standards, promising a harmonious initiation for all involved. Providing Onboarding Support A smooth onboarding process can significantly enhance employee retention. Recognizing this, our support extends beyond just recruitment, ensuring each new hire assimilates flawlessly into your organizational tapestry.

Additional Services

Our commitment to your recruitment success means we offer more than just the essentials. Executive Search For those indispensable senior roles and specialized positions, our executive search delves deeper, ensuring you attract leaders who not only have the experience but also share your vision. Candidate Assessment Our rigorous assessment tools offer a 360-degree view of each candidate, ensuring you onboard individuals who are technically adept and culturally compatible. Employer Branding In a competitive talent market, how you present your company can make all the difference. We sculpt and amplify your employer branding, ensuring you’re the beacon for top talent. Hiring Challenges In an age where talent is the core driver of growth, hiring challenges can hamper progress. Dive into our insights on Hiring Challenges to understand the landscape better and how Talhive can be your solution.

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Are you eager to redefine your recruitment strategy? Reach out, and let’s harness the combined power of our expertise. Why Wait? Elevate Your Recruitment Game Today! Join us in revolutionizing your recruitment journey. Reach out now, and equip your organization with the competitive edge it truly deserves.


While tech recruitment is our stronghold, our expertise stretches to realms like product, design, marketing, and sales.

Our intricate sourcing, rigorous screening, and holistic assessment processes ensure we champion only the best candidates tailored to your needs.

Our allegiance goes beyond recruitment. We stand by you, ensuring a seamless transition for every new recruit, setting them on a path to organizational success.

Certainly! We recognize and respect organizational uniqueness. Our offerings are modular and can be perfectly aligned with your nuanced recruitment requisites.

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